Introducing CoCreate Work by Delightful Communications

Say hello to a thrilling new addition to the Delightful Communications family.

While we did take some time over the summer to re-energize and make memories with our family and friends – a key component of our guiding principles – we’ve also been planning and preparing for our newest professional venture, CoCreate Work, and the day is finally upon us!
CoCreate Work

What is CoCreate Work?

CoCreate Work is a new subsidiary of Delightful Communications that works with start-ups and fast-growing companies and organizations to define and design purposeful internal culture, effective organizational structure, and excellence in employee experience.

Our CoCreate clients will then have access to Delightful’s marketing and communications resources to help amplify that corporate culture and experience internally, and to the rest of the world.

Delightful is looking to partner with growth-oriented organizations and teams to design a blueprint for the future of work by drawing out your company culture and defining a unified mission and set of values that help you scale your business with purpose.

The Big Idea Behind CoCreate Work

An effective company culture and structure is crucial for any business or team as it scales.  Through executive coaching, thoughtful operational organization, and a finely-tuned employee experience, we can help your business grow quickly with intent and purpose, building an inclusive culture that develops as an inherent part of your business model.

Take a glimpse at the three key components that together, form the basis of CoCreate Work:

Company Culture & Purpose – Through data analysis, surveys, coaching sessions, and employee engagement, we help you design and clarify your purpose and principles. Our clients walk away with a flexible concept for building their unique culture. 

Organizational Design – We help you design and implement internal structures that translate to effective hiring practices, consistent employee growth plans, leadership development, role clarity, organizational efficiency and more. Organizational design is how your company works. 

Employee Experience Make the experience intentional for new team members before they start. We help you design comprehensive onboarding plans unique talent management strategy, effective development programs, and employee benefits.

The idea for CoCreate Work was born from our personal experience as a growing company, working with the incredibly talented La’Kita Williams. Her expertise as a business coach and organizational design specialist helped us chart our course for the future. The process was invaluable.

Now, thanks to CoCreate Work, we can offer the services that we found to be instrumental in our current and future success, to companies and teams looking to grow quickly but purposefully, and with intent.

Meet La’Kita Williams 

La'Kita Williams

La’Kita (connect with her on LinkedIn) is an incredible force of nature! I first met her while training as an iPEC certified professional coach and had the enormous honor of having her coach me personally during our practical sessions.  Her experience, insight, patience and business acumen changed my business and (as importantly) my attitude toward business pretty much overnight.

A former HR and Talent Management specialist at Amazon, and certified Energy Coach, she specializes in helping leaders use their strengths to design and lead innovative, purpose-filled organizations. She’s the heartbeat behind CoCreate Work and brings with her an arsenal of experience, insight, and positive, transformational energy. Read more about her professional background as an organizational design mastermind here.

Delightful Will Help Amplify Your Culture and Leadership Brand

Throughout the whole experience, we are your partner, helping you create a winning culture and work environment you can be proud of.  And, when you work with CoCreate Work, you’re also becoming part of the Delightful Communications family of clients, with access to a whole menu of award-winning modern marketing and digital PR amplification solutions.

Developing this process alongside La’Kita, Co-Founder of CoCreate Work and the newest member of the Delightful team has been an incredible experience right from the start.

We are sincerely delighted to unveil CoCreate Work as a tried and true way to thoughtfully build and scale your unique company culture – making it a steadfast reflection of your business and your people for years to come.

We begin with a personalized needs assessment and retrospective that helps make the conversation meaningful from the start, then we CoCreate something great together!

Learn more about CoCreate Work by contacting us today.


  • Aubrey

    How exciting! Congratulations!

  • Dixon Jones

    Good luck with this guys! During my MBA I read loads of evidence that growing companies ignore internal culture and processes until the problem becomes acute, making it very hard to solve.

    Addressing these issues out of the gate will, I am sure, help businesses in the long run, if they can see past making the next payroll.

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