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We have a big idea to build the future of purposeful work

We are non-traditional consultancy that embraces the idea that the future of work will be vastly different from the way things have been done in the past. We are committed to helping you build your culture with a clear mission and mechanisms that support people and growth to thrive and anticipate change. Most importantly, we cocreate with you to design your company with purpose.

What We Offer:

  • Development or review of purpose, vision, mission and organizational principles
  • Comprehensive strategic design for building your culture – ideation, prototyping, analysis
  • Development and training on hiring strategy and practices
  • Design of your employee growth strategy
  • Employee experience and performance mechanisms
  • Design or review of organizational structure and role clarity
  • Embedding the support of social good into your culture
  • Design of your onboarding process
  • Amplification of your employer brand and company mission
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching

How We CoCreate with You:

  • We start at the beginning with a needs assessment and retrospective – culture analysis, current organizational operations, and employee experience
  • We typically design a 3-month engagement where we work in sprints, followed by 6 months of continuous support, coaching, and check-ins
  • Our process is collaborative – we work with you, your team and even your customers to analyze and design an inclusive, flexible, and unique culture strategy
  • We provide in-person coaching and strategic implementation throughout the process
  • We believe in science! We design and implement dynamic strategies based on data and in alignment with the future of work
  • There is no one size fits all approach, each engagement is unique while anchored in best practices (which are always changing)

“CoCreate Work completely changed how our company operates. We are backed by a unified set of values and a culture that we designed from the ground up. Our experience with CoCreate impacted every level of leadership, helping us develop a well-defined, custom pathway towards success.” – Mel Carson – CEO @ Delightful Communications

“Culture doesn’t just ‘eat strategy for breakfast’ – culture IS the strategy.” – La’Kita Williams – Co-Founder @ CoCreate Work

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Company Culture & Purpose

Through a deep dive that includes data analysis, ideation, debriefs, coaching sessions and team engagement, clients partner with us to design their strategy for building a vibrant culture; from mission and principles to growth.

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Organizational Design

We help you design and implement internal structures that translate to a culture of inclusion, effective hiring practices, ongoing employee growth strategy, leadership development, role clarity, and infusing social good into your culture.

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Employee Experience

Make the experience intentional for your new employees from day zero. We help you design your process for onboarding new team members, develop a robust talent strategy, build effective development and ongoing performance mechanisms.

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