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Our Mission

We design company culture for the future of work.

How We Work

We believe the future of work is entrepreneurial, inclusive, agile, driven by life-long learning, and a sense of purpose.

We partner with organizations to build and scale their unique company culture, one conversation at a time.

We utilize evidence-based assessments and expert executive coaching to meet the unique needs of our partners.

We help our partners radiate their culture to the community, customers, and prospective/current employees.

Our Approach

Any CoCreate partnership begins with a formal Needs Assessment and Retrospective. This analysis allows us to reflect on your current strategy and assess how day-to-day operational processes are working. 

The assessment includes an initial coaching call, interviews with your team and a detailed review of all company culture and value statements.

The retrospective provides a review of where the organization currently stands building the groundwork needed to iterate and improve – getting back to the basics and working our way up together.

Four Step Process

We work WITH you to help answer these questions:

Purpose – Why do we do what we do? What is our mission?

Culture – How do we work together towards our goals? How do we show up?

Organizational Design – What are the actions and practices we use to deliver on our promise?

Employee Experience – How do we ensure every employee is purposefully involved, growing with us, and having impact along the way?

The Delightful Connection

When you form a partnership with CoCreate Work, you’re also becoming part of the Delightful Communications crew. Delightful Communications is an award-winning Modern Marketing and Digital PR consulting agency that creates next-generation experiences to help businesses and individuals keep the pace with growing digital audiences through creative ideation, strategic planning, captivating content and enduring amplification.

Naturally, the idea for CoCreate Work came to life after a bit of cocreation between the two founders! Delightful’s Founder, CEO, and Principal Strategist, Mel Carson, worked with La’Kita as a business coach, and after learning more about her background and experience, he invited her to facilitate an off-site meeting, doing a deep dive with his team into Delightful’s culture and mission.

The end product, Delightful’s Guiding Principles and Values for Life and Work, gave the team a well-defined path towards success while staying true to their foundational beliefs. The whole team was blown away by the level of energy and insight La’Kita brought to the table, and the resulting data and action-steps have helped the company grow with intention and purpose.

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We design company culture for the future of work, let’s CoCreate something great together.

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Company Culture & Purpose

Through a deep dive that includes data analysis, ideation, debriefs, coaching sessions and team engagement, clients partner with us to design their strategy for building a vibrant culture; from mission and principles to growth.

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Organizational Design

We help you design and implement internal structures that translate to a culture of inclusion, effective hiring practices, ongoing employee growth strategy, leadership development, role clarity, and infusing social good into your culture.

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Employee Experience

Make the experience intentional for your new employees from day zero. We help you design your process for onboarding new team members, develop a robust talent strategy, build effective development and ongoing performance mechanisms.

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