Organizational Design

Build an Inclusive Culture Through Effective Organization & Structure

You have a clear mission and a plan to grow your organization with purpose. You are now ready to put mechanisms and systems into practice to support your evolving culture.

Our team here at CoCreate Work will help you put the right tools in place to encourage your culture to thrive. We are your partner in this process, helping you design your operations so they are congruent and aligned with your values, developing a highly effective organization from the start.

Our Organizational Design Services Include:

  • Customized organizational workflow
  • Well defined role descriptions, clarity, and core competencies
  • Mechanisms and training to lead effective meetings
  • Consultation on the B-Corp process
  • Design of application descriptions and a well-defined hiring process
  • Interview training, questions, and how to effectively debrief applicants

Establishing a strong company mission, vision and set of values is step one to a solid company culture, and intentional organizational design is step two. Building an agile organization is central to propelling your company forward.

We design company culture for the future of work, let’s CoCreate something great together.

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Company Culture & Purpose

Through a deep dive that includes data analysis, ideation, debriefs, coaching sessions and team engagement, clients partner with us to design their strategy for building a vibrant culture; from mission and principles to growth.

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Organizational Design

We help you design and implement internal structures that translate to a culture of inclusion, effective hiring practices, ongoing employee growth strategy, leadership development, role clarity, and infusing social good into your culture.

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Employee Experience

Make the experience intentional for your new employees from day zero. We help you design your process for onboarding new team members, develop a robust talent strategy, build effective development and ongoing performance mechanisms.

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