Brittany Vance

Digital Marketing Specialist

What do you get when you combine a storyteller with the creativity and patience necessary to handle a dozen five-year-olds? As far as Brittany’s concerned, an awesome digital marketing specialist.

While this is Brittany’s first full-time position outside of university, she already has a diverse writing portfolio. This includes magazine articles, a Master’s Thesis, and even a first place cartoon caption in the New Yorker magazine. Add these writing chops to the life lessons she has amassed from other professional experiences, and Brittany is ready to provide customers with top-notch service.

In the realm of marketing, Brittany has created content for a variety of B2B and B2C clients, from tech to home insurance companies, while interning at digital marketing agency, 97th Floor. She also managed and revitalized the social media accounts at BYU Alumni.

Her work at BYU Alumni also prepared Brittany to shine a light on individuals, helping transform ordinary stories into extraordinary adventures. At Delightful Communications, Brittany strives to help people and organizations sound like the best possible version of themselves, using her copywriting and research prowess to fit their ideal style and tone.

When not at work, Brittany prefers to remain an enigma.

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