Mackenzie Lawson

Senior Executive Communications Strategist

As an Executive Communications Strategist, Mackenzie’s work centers around people. Her vision is to empower B2B technology clients and professionals be more discoverable, unique, bold, and memorable. Her passion lies within the communications landscape, and she aims to use social media and PR as tools to help her clients build their executive brands.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mackenzie grew up in a melting pot of diversity, culture, and community. She briefly left the west coast when she studied at the University of Alabama, earning a degree in Public Relations with a double minor in Political Science and Spanish. Upon graduation, Mackenzie received an offer to be an intern at the Seattle office of a global Public Relations agency. Mackenzie moved to Seattle in January 2016 and has lived in the Emerald City ever since.

Throughout her career, Mackenzie has developed into a seasoned social media marketer and communicator. She brings over 5 years of experience with Microsoft including marketing, social media strategy, public relations and community management. Her experience includes working with the Cloud Marketing organization, Power Platform technical communities, and the Microsoft parent brand. Mackenzie is humbled by the many opportunities to work with technology brands and is deeply passionate about helping clients and organizations up-level their brands, communications and people.

Mackenzie joined Delightful Communications in September 2020 and is thrilled to be a member of the incredible Executive Communications and Leadership team. From social brand messaging to executive communications best practices, Mackenzie is energized by her clients and her fantastic colleagues. She looks forward to working with her clients to help bring their executive brands to life—empowering them to grow and flourish every step of the way.

Outside of her work with Delightful, Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her husband, Collins, and her adorable boxer-lab, Bud! She thoroughly enjoys reading, listening to music, quoting movies, and playing chess.

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