Maggie Gnadt

Digital Marketing Specialist

Maggie has one foot in the traditional communications space and another in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. She started out as the PR and Media Marketing Coordinator for an annual non-profit music festival that brought an estimated 100,000 people to her college town each year. 

From there, her interest in the multifaceted world of marketing never waned. She joined an enterprise SEO firm based in Central New York shortly thereafter, where she wrote SEO-optimized content that helped clients ranging from fitness startups to enterprise cloud software brands better capture organic traffic for priority search terms. Later, she served as a Senior Marketing Specialist for the company, managing a multi-site blog and social editorial calendar and helping to lead recruitment marketing efforts. 

Recently, Maggie took the plunge and drove 2,740 miles cross-country from Syracuse, NY to Seattle – quite an adventure with two cats in the backseat. She believes in remaining a lifelong student and jumped at the chance to sharpen her demand generation skills with Delightful’s team of savvy, experienced paid media experts. She brings to the team a meticulous attention to detail and agile, inquisitive spirit as she works to be Fearless and Forthright and Shine a Light for clients.  

When not working, you can find Maggie scouring Reddit to find the best horror movie suggestions and filling her camera roll with pictures of her cats, Banana and Cappuccino. If you ask nicely, she might send you a picture… Or ten. 

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