Tony Nguyen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tony is fearless and forthright, looking for opportunities to promote businesses and organizations through captivating and sensible storytelling. With experience in digital and print media and a strong attention to detail, Tony manages a variety of projects and supports his teams.

After graduating with bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Japanese from Florida State University, Tony found himself working extensively in print media. He first led a printing office at his alma mater, designing marketing collateral to promote events hosted by the diverse student body. After moving to Washington in 2017, Tony joined Perfect Press, where he continued his graphic design journey, creating press-ready artwork and operating print presses.

While offline, Tony enjoys going on adventures with his wife and wrestling with his corgi. He also spends his spare time learning programming, animation, and 3D modeling for a video game he might finish one day.

Tony is excited to contribute his skills and talents, and is inspired to do his best while collaborating with a diverse and inclusive team.

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