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Delightful Communications is an award winning B2B Technology Marketing Agency and we are on a mission to build brilliant brands that stand out in today’s digital world by helping them be more discoverable, shareable, and memorable.

We create next-generation experiences to help businesses and leaders keep pace with growing digital audiences through creative ideation, strategic planning, captivating content, and enduring amplification.

By building brilliant brands through people, not just pixels, we help your message and purpose be more discoverable, sharable, and memorable by putting people – customers, partners, executives, and employees – at the heart of each and everything you do.

While we specialize in Digital MarketingInfluencer Marketing, Digital PR and Leadership & Personal Branding, our experience, skills and creative flair mean we’re an asset to augment any marketing or PR department wanting their message to transcend the norm through Social Media Strategies and Content Marketing.


Our Philosophy

We want to live in a world where people are truly recognized as a company’s best promotional asset, where the public is put back into PR, and where businesses thrive through individual empowerment and by having some kind of purpose!

  • Delightful bridges the gap the digital age has created for brands between old-school ways of amplification and truly modern marketing that endures.
  • Delightful is the glue that brings knowledge and creativity together and makes your marketing stick more effectively than your competitors.
  • Delightful creates experiences that people care about.
  • When it comes to your marketing/PR/personal mission, Delightful is the hammer that knocks the nail in.

Our Story

Delightful was launched in 2012 by former Microsoft Digital Marketing Evangelist – Mel Carson – who started the company to focus on helping businesses capitalize on continually emerging trends in marketing and PR like social media, influencer marketing, employee advocacy, content marketing and personal branding.

Over the last decade, Delightful has grown from strength to strength working successfully with clients from all over the world including Microsoft (Azure IoT, Microsoft Advertising, Office 365, Bing Ads, SMC, Microsoft Financing & WW Industries), Deloitte, Intel, Facebook, Accenture, Majestic.com, ClickZ and the University of Washington. Take a look at some of our Delightful Case Studies and Testimonials.

In February 2023, Delightful was acquired by Nicolette & Drew Sharp, who are also the founders and owners of Prime 8 Consulting, a woman-owned business consulting firm founded in 2006 and based in Bellevue, Washington. Prime 8 has 150+ consultants working in various business roles across clients that include Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, and Nike.

Our clients are increasingly seeking a company that can provide not only top-level talent but also end-to-end, fully integrated marketing services all in one house. Together, both companies will be able to offer our clients a greater scale and depth of services.

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