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Digital Marketing is no longer a concept just for marketers. No matter which field of business you are in, knowing the concepts, tricks and techniques of digital marketing can help you perform better in your role and improve your personal brand at the same time.


Delightful Communications is a Seattle-based Modern Marketing & Digital PR Consulting Agency that provides customized training & workshops designed and delivered by our Founder & Principal Strategist, Mel Carson, on a variety of digital marketing topics including:

Digital Marketing Training Formats:

  • Webinars
  • 1-1 Training Online and Offline
  • In-person Workshops & Seminars

Recent Customized Training & Workshop Programs include:

  • Digital Marketing Trends 2016
  • Content Marketing Best Practices
  • Personal Branding Workshops and 1-1 Training for Groups and Individuals
  • Comprehensive Team Personal Branding Strategic and Tactical Recommendations
  • Social Media Response Protocol Creation and Training
  • Social Media Training for Employee Advocacy and Social Selling

Why Delightful:

Delightful Communications is a Modern Marketing & Digital PR agency based in Seattle that helps build brilliant brands through people, not just pixels.

We have proven experience in successfully developing, maintaining, measuring, and optimizing Digital Marketing Training programs for all ranges of companies.

Our expertise with Digital PR is well-recognized, and we regularly share insights and are regularly quoted by other marketers on the subject.

Contact us today to discuss your digital marketing training requirements and see how Delightful can help your business grow.

For well over a decade, our Founder, Mel Carson, has been inspiring businesses and their leaders all around the world to understand and successfully apply enduring digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Mel has spoken at well over a hundred marketing conferences and events globally and has also lectured on MBA, MSc and online marketing courses, advising syllabus decision makers at Cranfield School of Management and Birkbeck College – part of London University – and the University of Washington.

Visit Mel’s digital marketing speaker website for more information on his speaking experience.

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