Creative Strategy & Brand Development


The most beloved brands don’t materialize, fully formed, out of thin air. Their missions are defined and then redefined, their messages are crafted, tested, and honed, and their values evolve based on a combination of insight, analysis, and empathy.  

When we partner with clients to create a winning brand strategy, we get into the weeds. We’ll do a deep dive into the marketplace, find out where the currents are heading, and develop a message that matters and get ahead of the curve.  


Creative Audit:  

  • Analyze legacy content and creative to examine what worked, what didn’t, and why. 
  • Identify trends that will strengthen the creative position of the brand’s marketing efforts. 
  • Evaluate and make sure your creative assets follow accessibility best practices.

Creative Brand Story / Brand Identity (Re)Development:  

Messaging and Positioning 

Our Approach

At Delightful Communications, our approach is four-pronged. Every project begins by getting the view from inside our clients’ worlds. We start with discovery. Digging deep. Mapping the landscape. Understanding the big questions that make the industry tick. From there, we move into planning; by sharing insights, we aim to challenge conventional thinking, allowing us to set a strategy for success. The third prong is all about creation. In this stage, we ideate content that’s clear, purposeful, and strategic in motivation and intent. The process concludes with amplification, where we work with you to create an integrated and fully customized distribution strategy using on and offline channels.   

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