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If you are looking for a B2B Technology Marketing Agency to help with executive communications or social media smarts to amplify you or your executives as visible leaders, Delightful has just the strategic and tactical experience to assist you in reaching your goals.

Over the past 8 years, our leadership branding and executive communications agency team at Delightful Communications has helped hundreds of busy technology leaders and IT professionals from all over the world uncover, optimize, and grow their executive presence through cutting edge communication, social media, and digital strategies.

Read on to learn what our company does, who we work with, and how an executive communications strategy can help you augment your company message and achieve your leadership goals through your personal platform while staying many steps ahead of the competition.

Why Digital Executive Communications:

  • Uncovers your professional purpose
  • Establishes credibility & thought leadership
  • Elevates/Increases leadership impact/influence
  • Grows your network in- and outside Your Organization
  • Attracts new opportunities
  • Increases sales through brand trust
  • Increases positive employer branding and hiring experiences
  • Offers visibility for potential speaking engagements and press inquiries
  • Helps you align your interests with company business goals

Our Leadership Brand Lab Program Offers:

  • A thorough analysis and deep understanding of your personal digital footprint
  • Comprehensive and unique executive communications strategic and tactical recommendations backed by industry analytics and best practices
  • Optimized social media profiles including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that exude your executive presence and personal brand
  • A strategic social media executive communications cadence, content guidance, and success measurement framework
  • Professional executive PR consulting to help gain you more media coverage and speaking opportunities
  • Executive communications workshops and for larger teams or groups

Who We Work With:

  • CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Technology Business Owners who want to position themselves as industry thought-leaders and stand out from the competition and reach a target audience inside and outside their company
  • Executive Communications Managers who need inspiration and training on executive communication and personal branding strategies for their clients, CEOs, or themselves
  • Marketing Directors and Managers who understand the positive impact a top-down employee advocacy and social media people presence can have on amplifying brand messages and calls-to-action

Why Delightful:

Delightful Communications is a B2B Technology Marketing Agency that helps build brilliant brands through people, not just pixels.

We have proven experience in successfully developing, maintaining, measuring, and optimizing modern marketing, executive communications, personal branding, and influencer marketing programs (with a human touch) for many types of companies and individual professionals.

We believe that by making the effort to uncover and foster an authentic personal brand, you can make your wisdom and experience more discoverable, shareable and memorable both online, through social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and also in-person at meetings, conferences, networking events and more.

Contact us today to discuss how Delightful can help uncover and grow your executives presence online through our executive communications agency services.

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