Corporate Video Production

If content is king, video is queen. Corporate video production and marketing is becoming an anchor in brand awareness campaigns, setting the stage for increased audience engagement and consumer loyalty. Viewers retain 95% of a message when it’s delivered in video form – and that cannot be ignored! Through well-done video, your brand’s message becomes a concise soundbite and compelling story – purposeful, emotional, educational, and very effective.

Video Production Benefits:

  • Build authority and thought leadership in your industry
  • Better showcase and define your brand’s personality and culture
  • Raise brand awareness and boost social media engagement
  • Drive traffic to your site and improve search engine ranking
  • Promote your product and service
  • Build the credibility of your company and your product/service
  • Convey information efficiency in a fun and memorable way

What Delightful Offers:

At Delightful, we have an army of video production storytellers ready to work. We assist clients by framing the message, conceptualizing the video, shooting the content, and editing the piece to perfection. While we are headquartered in Seattle, WA, we travel near and far to assist clients in sharing their story with the world.

Our suite of video production services includes (but aren’t limited to!)

  • Product Videos – keep your audience in the know about the latest and greatest products you offer.
  • Explainer Videos – Inform, teach, inspire, and motivate your audience to learn more about your industry.
  • Onboarding Videos – Welcome your newest customers with a quick video that shows them the best way to take advantage of all your product or service has to offer.
  • Internal Training Videos –Save time and stress with a video that explains your company’s process and policies to new team members in a fun and engaging way.
  • Testimonial Videos – Tip the scales with truth-telling. Honest reviews from customers and industry influencers are a surefire way to promote your product organically.
  • Promotional Videos – Pitch your event with personal flair while providing your audience with valuable brand information.
  • Company Culture Videos – Let your customers see who you really are behind the scenes as a collective company. This is your time to shine and have fun doing it.
  • Event Recaps – Keep the excitement surrounding a one-time event or conference alive and well with high-quality video footage that keeps people coming back for more.

A well-done video is an investment, and our team at Delightful believes in maximizing your ROI from start to finish. If a long-form video is what you’re after, we’ll do you one better and break that video into shorter clips with alternate messaging and footage – making your initial investment something that lives beyond the first view. Events are content generating machines, and we will make sure that a single evening translates into fresh, usable content for months to come.

Who We Work With:

  • CMOs & Marketing Directors
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Communication & PR Managers
  • Startup CEOs & Entrepreneurs
  • B2C and B2B Companies
  • Product Managers

Video production clients have included Microsoft (Microsoft Advertising, Bing Ads, Microsoft IoT), Deloitte, Majestic and others.

Here are a couple of our faves:

Why Delightful?

Delightful Communications is a Modern Marketing & Digital PR agency based in Seattle that helps build brilliant brands through people, not just pixels.

We have proven experience in successfully conceptualizing, shooting, editing, and optimizing video marketing efforts for one-off projects or ongoing campaigns and work with a wide-range of companies and industries.

Offering a suite of services, we help businesses and individual keep the pace with digital audiences through creative ideation, strategic planning, and compelling content and video.

Learn more about our company’s personal philosophy and contact us today to discuss your Video Marketing Strategy and see how Delightful can help your business grow.

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