A 5 Minute Guide to Instagram Stories

Instagram is a platform here to stay. Yet, many people don’t know how to use Instagram Stories to it’s fullest potential.

According to CNBC, Instagram now has 800 million monthly users and 500 million daily users. Those numbers have jumped 160% over the past year since the launch of Instagram stories, the feature that allows users to post stories that last just 24 hours. This feature clearly benefits and entices daily use; don’t forget to check Instagram, that content only lasts 24 hours!

The social media FOMO clicks in and you open the app.

5 minute guide to instagram stories

So why use Instagram stories?

For business and brands, Instagram stories are full of benefits. Posting stories consistently allows you to stay top of mind and remain visible to users. Instagram stories live at the top of the feed, showing as one of the first things a user sees when they open the app. It also allows you to preserve a high quality branded profile, as stories disappear, unlike the photos you post to your regular profile. You can have fun and show more personality in your stories, while your profile remains clean.

Instagram stories benefit the individual user as well. With creative and fun stories, you stand out from other accounts. If you’re a person who tries to stick to a specific theme, you don’t ruin your feed by posting a photo on your account that doesn’t match. As an individual, stories provide the same benefit they do to brands like interacting with those that follow you more.

The basics of posting to your story





To add to your story, click the camera icon in the top left.

how to add to instagram story screenshot






You take a picture within the app, or swipe up to use a photo from your camera roll.

instagram story camera screenshot





Once you have a photo, you can add text by clicking the ‘Aa’ icon in the top right.

adding text onto instagram stories






You can draw and write by clicking the pen icon next to the text icon in the top right.

drawing on an image for instagram stories





Change the color of both type and drawings by selecting from the options that pop up on the bottom of your screen when adding text or drawing.

choosing different text colors on instagram stories





You can also swipe to add different filters to your image.

adding filters to picture for instagram stories

Add some flair and personalization

You can also add stickers, locations, hashtags, and polls by clicking the third icon at the top.

adding stickers, polls, location to instagram stories adding hashtags to instagram stories adding emojis and stickers to instagram stories

Adding locations and hashtags, allows users who are searching specific locations or hashtags to discover your content.

Once you post a story, you’re able to see how many, and which, users viewed your story by swiping up when viewing your own story. From this screen, you can also save the image to your camera roll, turn it into a regular Instagram post, or delete it.

instagram stories analytics screenshot

There are many engaging ways that you can use Instagram stories to capture your audience and build deeper relationships. TechCrunch reports, for example, that one in five stories posted by a business receives a direct message response, allowing for more direct interaction with followers. So give Instagram stories a go, and let us know how you get along.

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