Authority and Passion – Welcome to the Delightful Communications Blog!

Well you have to start a new business blog somewhere, and seeing as Delightful Communications is all about digital marketing, PR and social media, a quote from Hugh MacLeod and Gapingvoid seemed very appropriate.

After 7 years blogging for Microsoft Advertising, Brand Republic, my personal site, and countless guest posts elsewhere, I’ve not lost any of my passion for the online marketing industry. And 12 years in search marketing, online advertising and social media on both sides of the Atlantic has helped usher me towards “authority” status, backed up by nice things people have said about me after speaking at events.

So know that this blog will give out passion and authority in spades, as I travel the world helping clients, promoting my book, and learning from all the wonderful people I meet.


Mel Carson – Founder of Delightful Communications

P.S. If I do ever get dull or don’t sound like I know what I’m talking about, you will tell me won’t you?!

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