Video: Coca Cola Brings India and Pakistan Together Through Exchange & Touch

Played this stunning video in a presentation I did last week for AXA Wealth at a gathering of their partner independent financial advisors last week.


When trying to explain the power of digital and the necessity of businesses to really start infusing into every nook and cranny of their organisation, I often use extreme examples to provide an audience with inspiration.

I’m obviously not saying that the relationship between the IFA and consumer is as strained as that of India and Pakistan, but if you listen to some of the voice overs in the final minute, there are a number of keywords that mirror what consumers want from brands in this increasingly social and mobile age.

Take a look and let me know what the video says to you in the comments below.

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  • Charles Thrasher

    Wonderful! Honestly. I’m all verklempt…It seems to bypass the critical functions of the brain and go directly to the heart, the sense of community, of belonging.

    Now if we could only change the corporate laws that require valuing profits over people. But that’s another conversation.

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