Sharing Our Delightful Guiding Principles – Values for Life and Work

While we have many combined years of industry experience, Delightful Communications itself is a newer company. Founded in 2012, I started the company to help businesses capitalize on continually emerging trends in marketing and PR like social media, influencer marketing, employee advocacy, content marketing and personal branding.

Delightful Communications Principles
Understanding that while our primary medium of communication may be digital, our focus on business has always made clear that true success depends not just on digital pixels, but also on people.

A Delightful Success

And that understanding has translated to success for us and our clients. Over the last 6 years, Delightful has grown from strength to strength working delightfully with clients from all over the world including Microsoft, Deloitte, Alaska Airlines, TUI, Majestic, and many others through our personal branding work.

We’ve been recognized for our award-winning work and have expanded our team over the last year to keep these brilliant ideas coming.

As we move forward in our growth and expansion in business, it was very important to me and the whole team to stay true to our roots, not forgetting the shared experience, consideration, and understanding that brought us to this point.

With this in mind, we decided it was time to put “pen to paper” and share our vision, mission, and values with the world.

Working with our dear friend, business coach, and advisor, La’Kita Williams, we are thrilled to present to you our Delightful Principles, which aim to establish the expectations of interacting with our Delightful team both at home and away.

There are plenty of easy paths to take in our lives and careers, but here at Delightful, we believe we can do more, achieve more, and share that success with our clients, partners, and friends along the way.

We believe in being purposeful with everything we do and say; and that each (inter)action is a small pebble thrown to create ripples that grow and result in creating positive waves of change.

At Delightful we respond with purpose and aim to have a significant impact on our customers, community, and our team. We leave a mark on the world that will stand the test of time and empower others to act in their purpose. We are accountable for what we do and how we do it.


A world where the ripples we create influence, empower, give purpose, delight, and forge success for people and the organizations they care about.


To craft delightful and dynamic experiences for brands and individuals that make their message and purpose more discoverable, shareable, and memorable. 


People not Just Pixels

We truly believe people are our best asset as well as our clients’. While we celebrate technology and data, people should be placed at the heart of everything we do. We always seek the human, emotional connection, both in our work and as we grow as a team.

Shine a Light

We are curious about the world and our industry and are always eager to learn and improve our skills by constantly working to understand the future and ensure we meet it. We are data-driven torchbearers, highlighting new ideas and opportunities for our ourselves and our clients.

Surprise and Delight

We create an energizing place to work and aspire to work with remarkable people. We deliver exceptional results and always go the extra mile for ourselves and our clients. We hold each other accountable to high standards and drive each other to constantly progress with our productivity, performance, insight, and character. We promote positive energy and have/are fun.

Family First

We create worldwide connections for ourselves and our clients that fosters the growth of a global community. We prioritize wellness, flexibility, and togetherness. We embrace direct and productive feedback, holding each other accountable to ensure we grow together.

Fearless and Forthright

We are willing to take risks and dive into new projects and challenges. We are not afraid to solve problems and suggest improvements inside and out. We believe in straightforward talk that’s candid and open, but sincere and well-meaning.

Celebrate Uniqueness

We hold ourselves accountable for diversity AND inclusion.  We encourage diversity of thought, experience, race, color, creed, and style. We recognize and appreciate each other and value our individuality and that of our clients’.

Open and Honest

We uphold the same values in both our professional and personal lives to promote fairness, honesty, and respect for all people. We promote and relish feedback, transparency, and authenticity, and we speak up, even when it is uncomfortable.

Always Learning

We live through a “learn by doing” approach because we know that Experience + Feedback makes the best teacher. We take ownership of our development and ask for what we need to increase our abilities. We stay curious and are always on the lookout for new ways of doing things and constantly develop new skills.


  • Cindy Brown

    Love this post.

    While reading it, I thought of the mission statement and list of values I had created for my business several years ago. I posted them on my website then, but I hadn’t looked at them in a while.

    So I pulled them up.

    A lot the list was in synch with yours; the words were slightly different, but the sentiment the same. But, I noticed that you had included principles that I like to believe are at the core of my business, that I had never thought to include in my list.

    Here are two values I had listed that you did not state explicitly in your list, though I’m sure they fit right in with your philosophy of doing business:

    “Beneficence: We believe in sharing our talents and profits with those who have not been as blessed financially as we have.

    Sustainability: We believe in treating the earth and all her creatures with respect. We practice our photography in eco-friendly ways and offer eco-friendly products.”

    Thanks for making me rethink why I do what I do and how I want to be doing it.

  • Cindy Brown | Atlanta Photographer

    Oh yeah … and I love the graphic, too.

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