Interview with Duane Forrester: Uncovering the Goldmine of Link Data for Influencer Marketing 

We are big-time supporters of Majestic here at Delightful, and while the British search engine tells you who is linking to whom across the web, we want you to uncover everything it has to offer beyond just being a tool for SEO (search engine optimization).

I chatted to Duane Forrester, VP of Organic Search Operations at Bruce Clay, at a conference recently about how content marketers and digital PR people could use link data to tell better stories about their campaigns and how to get creative when planning outreach to influencers.


Duane says, “the reality is links are a source of direct traffic,” and gives you the opportunity to uncover potential partners and evaluate the success of your content. You’re putting in the work, but still, how well do you know your customers? Who are your key influencers? What is the net long-term effect of the content and campaigns you are producing?

Link data is the goldmine to help you answer such questions. Traditionally used for SEO, consider some of the ways it can be used to achieve better ROI and success for your Influencer Marketing program:

  • True influence is difficult to measure, but is nonetheless exceedingly important.
  • Link attribution, and the locations of where these things are happening, provides better understanding of how people are reacting.
  • You can laser into sentiment, feelings, and behavior of your audience to improve future campaigns.
  • The data informs who you should reach out to next, potential partnerships, and if there is an opportunity to build a new program.

Check out my full interview with Duane for more thoughts on how Link Data can go Beyond SEO:

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