#Podcast: How to Make Your eCommerce Business Stand Out by Creating a Branding Action Plan

Earlier this month, I was invited to share some insights on How to Make eCommerce Business Stand Out by Creating a Branding Action Plan with the listeners of eCommerce Marketing Podcast.


In the latest episode of the podcast series hosted by Robert Kilonzo, Marketing Experts Reveal Top Strategies to Grow Your Store, I was asked to reveal the secrets of how to make your brand stand out, top mistakes people make with building their brands, and tools to put together a successful branding strategy.

It’s my firm belief that we are moving into the area of personalized marketing, and having a solid personal branding strategy not only benefits the individual, but also brings competitive edge to the business. Never before has there been the opportunity to empower employees of big or small companies to actually think about the impression that they’re making on the people that they interact with on a daily basis, whether it’s through social media like LinkedIn or Facebook, but also in person.

Also, there’s never been a better time to make and to be able to control the impression they make because we have all these tools, strategies, and tactics to our disposal.

How can we make an exceptional impression to others and make our personal brand’s discoverable, shareable, and memorable?

Find out more by listening to the full episode here.

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