Best Employee Advocacy Platforms to Help You Build An Engaging Program

At Delightful, we believe that brilliant brands are built through people, not just pixels. Compared to branded messages, research shows that people’s words are more likely to be trusted.

Employee advocacy

As one of our clients from Microsoft, Geoffrey Colon, the author of Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating the New Normal, expressed in his recent LinkedIn article, brands will continue to be ignored while the influencers you pay may run into the same issues of all paid endorsements. It’s really time to pay attention to your employees who can be the most transparent, authentic, and trustworthy advocates for your brand.

Besides the right strategy and tactics, an effective employee advocacy platform can also make a formal employee advocacy program a lot easier to manage.

There are a lot of helpful platforms out there in the market, and Delightful has picked five popular ones to take a peak.

Here are some of our thoughts:



If content discovery is the biggest hurdle you are trying overcome in building an engaging employee advocacy program for your company, Trapit is the perfect solution. Evolved from a top news reading software, it’s no surprise to see Trapit having the most powerful built-in content search and discovery capability among all the employee advocacy platforms.


Trapit draws content from more than 120,000 content sources, including blogs, professional journals, news services, magazines, video feeds, and podcasts. By typing in keywords or submitting a URL, you can create customized traps full of fresh and relevant content for your employees to consume and share.

The biggest highlight of Trapit is that they use advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to dig deep into the web and customize their content selection based on your preference. As a curator, you will be able to like or dislike the content and Trapit will learn and optimize the future content feed for you.

The tool also has simple but solid functionality for employees to engage with and share the content.


Launched in 2014 by digital agency Brainsonic, Sociabble has quickly become one of the most popular employee advocacy platforms over the last two years. It responds to most of your employee advocacy needs by allowing users to aggregate relevant content through URLs, social media channels, and RSS feeds, create their own content on the platform, share content through channels to different groups, and analyze the program performance.

The gamification functionality is one of the biggest differentiators for Sociabble that’s standing out for us. While most employee advocacy platforms have a leaderboard to engage the employees, Sociabble allows admins to create their own challenge and campaigns and set up the rules based on their needs.


Another feature we found useful for businesses is that, besides sharing and suggesting articles and social posts, a user can also add a “Call to Action” post to the board to inform the team about an event or to shout-out to someone.


Besides basic functionality such as curating, sharing content, and basic analytics. What sets Everyone Social apart is its employee engagement focused functionality such as a personal feed section which allows the employees to add news sites and blogs they are interested in reading and sharing. So it’s not just a platform for branded content but also their personal social media management tool.

The platform also has a few detailed features that make the curation work easier. For instance, the curator can set draft tweets or LinkedIn updates when adding content to the board which makes it easier for the employees to share when they are not sure about what to say. What’s more, the curator can put sources onto blacklists or set an article as read-only to prevent the employees from sharing competitor’s content but still to let them know what’s going on within the competition.

Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal is perfect for large enterprises with international teams as it supports about 13 languages and 12 social media platforms including Chinese Twitter Weibo and European LinkedIn Xing. It integrates with Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, etc. so that companies using these platforms can easily align their employee advocacy program with their sales and marketing efforts.

Similar to Everyone Social, Dynamic Signal allows admins to set the content as read-only or draft up the social media posts too. Moreover, the admins can draft multiple versions of suggested social share copy, and they will appear randomly when employees are trying to share the content via their social channel. Again it makes sharing easier for employees and also diversifies the posts, so they are more personal and authentic.


Simplicity is what Bambu is all about – from the look to the functionality. The platform focuses on two things, content and reporting. As a curator, you can either add a story to the board by submitting a URL or creating an original story. Readers can then consume or share stories posted on their storyboard through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, Bambu just released the feature to allows curators automatically to add stories from RSS feeds and other content sources to make their workflow easier.

All in all, Bambu is perfect for businesses who don’t need complex features other than sharing curated stories with their employees


There are more and more employee advocacy platforms being launched, so we are going to keep this post as a living document and keep the list growing.

If there’re any other platforms you know of, please let us know in the comments below!

Need help with building a winning employee advocacy program? Visit our Employee Advocacy service page to learn more about how we can help you!

Thanks for reading!

Bianca Hu – Digital Marketing Strategist at Delightful Communications


  • Mikael Lauharanta

    Hi Bianca,

    Great to see you spreading the word on employee advocacy! However I feel like your list is missing our Smarp platform, we were the first ones to introduce a dedicated employee advocacy software after all.

    Happy to discuss.

    Best regards,

  • Amara

    Employee Advocacy is a greet way to engage your employees as building a successful brand needs to be done internally and externally. If your employees do not feel good about the brand they will not promote it or be loyal and this can lead to a huge problem and counter external PR. Thank you for the information on the different platforms that can be used of employee engagement, very useful and insightful.

  • Bianca Hu

    Thanks for your feedback Mikael! We will definitely take a look at Smarp 🙂

  • Hua

    Nice read! Thank you Bicanca!

  • Nibha

    Great article Bianca! Have you checked out DrumUp? It’s a great app for employee advocacy. I’d love to hear your feedback on it

  • Sandra At Sociabble

    Hi Bianca,

    Thanks for mentioning Sociabble again. Please feel free to reach out if you or your readers have any questions about employee advocacy or our product!



  • Andrew

    Hi Bianca,

    Have a look at, our goal is to reshape Employee Advocacy by putting the emphasis on supporting employee’s thought leadership, helping them grow their professional brands which in turn gives greater authenticity and reach to the company’s brand. Would love to give you a demo! Best, A.

  • Leonard D'Souza

    Hi Bianca,

    Not many people know about employee advocacy and it’s great to see influencers like yourself talking about employee advocacy! It is interesting to see the tools you mentioned here, but you may have skipped SocioAdvocacy which is one of the best tools in Asia.

    You could have a look at the features on our website or get in touch to know more about our platform.

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    Hi Bianca

    Thanks for spreading the news about employee advocacy and we would like to introduce our platform SOCXO. And look forward to more of such content. Have a great day.

  • Aakriti Khanna


    Employee advocacy is the exposure that employees generate for brands using their personal social media accounts. By socio advocacy tool employees can be converted into advocates. With this tool we can reach to bigger audiences organically and generate more leads. It is also used to reward employees for being an advocate.

    For more information and a free trail of it please visit:

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