Hello Facebook 360: Everything You Need to Know in One Epic Infographic

2016: Facebook is the first social media to integrate VR in any user daily browsing.

What does that really mean? For the first time, users can easily share 360 photos to Facebook, making content and views more immersive and creative to the masses.

Facebook 360 photo

The best part: taking a photo and sharing it is actually pretty simple!

Step 1: Take a panorama on your IPhone (4s to 6s), IPad, or Samsung Galaxy (S7, S8, S5 or Note 5,4), or 360 photo app or camera.

Step 2: Upload to Facebook and share as you would any other photo.

Still don’t get it completely? Check out this quick 30 second video.

In EReviews’ recent blog post, we’ve stepped it up a notch and learned all things Facebook 360.

Some useful “Good to Knows”:

  • You can start from your gallery and use the “share” on Facebook feature
  • Facebook currently supports the ability to upload only one photo at a time
  • At the moment, Facebook does not offer the possibility to upload a 360 photo as profile picture or cover photo
  • You created a 360 picture from your smartphone and want to upload it from your computer: the process is also the same as uploading a regular photo

Take a stroll down memory lane leading to the rise of virtual reality, and get more step-by-step instructions and insights in this helpful – and epic – infographic below.

Any thoughts on how can you integrate this technology to elevate your personal and professional brand too?


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