How to Create a Media List for PR Outreach Using

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If you’re in the business of building media lists for PR outreach, you may use an established database from a company like Cision or PRNewswire.

While those tools are an excellent resource, they can be expensive, so we’ve put together a video for (I’m their US Brand Ambassador) to show how you can use link data to figure out who is writing about what AND know how influential and authoritative they are as a writer or publication.

Take a peek at the video – it’s just 2 mins 40 seconds – and let us know if you have any questions!

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Video Transcript for: How to Build a Media List for PR Outreach Using

Welcome to this Majestic tutorial on how PR pros and communicators can create a targeted media list using Link Data from

Majestic is the world’s largest privately owned search engine and it knows who is linking to who across the web.

In this video you will learn some creative ways to use Majestic to help with PR and influencer outreach.

Link data is a goldmine PR professionals because within minutes you can tell which media outlets or bloggers are linking to any website, article or multimedia asset on the internet and rank them by authority.

Here’s how to quickly identify targets for your next media list by conducting a little data analysis using Majestic:

Let’s say you are a technology start-up who’s launching a new smartphone app and you’ve created a video to promote it. To amplify your app and video, you could try targeting journalists and influencers that write about Apple and reference the latest Apple iPhone launch video.

To find out who wrote about the 6S launch using multimedia, simply take Apple’s YouTube video URL and drop it into the Site Explorer on Majestic’s homepage.

You can instantly see that the video was linked to over 7000 times by nearly 500 websites.

Majestic’s proprietary flow metric scores – Trust Flow and Citation Flow – give you an indication of the quality and quantity of links pointing at the video. This data reflects the authority of the writer and publication and gives you an edge when creating your media list.

To uncover the most authoritative sites linking to the Apple video click on “backlinks” and “export data.” To get a full view of the top backlinks, click on the “raw export” button to download all the backlinks.

Once you have exported the data into Excel– sort the links by TargetTrustFlow to see the most authoritative articles and you now have a rich source of articles from which to cherry-pick journalists and bloggers with digital authority to target your pitch to.


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