Why & How You Should Start an Influencer Marketing Program – New e-book from Linkdex & Momentology

In the information age, we are all influenced by the inexhaustible flow of digital media, content, and messages.

All of the time.

The Internet makes it more difficult for brands to manage their online reputation and consumer sentiment because they themselves are not the main source of their own message anymore.

Brands are simply not as authoritative as they used to be:

  • Fewer than 10% of shoppers actually visit manufacturer websites when researching a purchase.
  • 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations while just 33% trust ads.
  • 43% of people say they turn to blogs when they are looking for inspiration.
  • 48% of consumers discovered new brands and products, mostly while browsing content online.

(From Influence Now)

So who are sending out the messages that actually influence your consumers? How can you find them in order to build healthy relationships? Should you start an influencer program or campaign in the first place?

A recent e-book >> Influence Now by Linkdex and Momentology answers all these questions for you.

Influence Now

Mel Carson, Delightful’s Founder, has shared his thoughts in the book on what makes a successful influencer.

From years of experience helping brands and individuals with influencer marketing and personal branding, we’ve discovered that successful influencers generally demonstrate these four main traits:

Influencer Traits

The book also shares useful and practical case studies, stats, and tips from other industry experts like Lee Odden, Lisa Williams, Andy Beal & Bas van den Beld to help you take the necessary steps towards a successful influencer marketing program such as:

  • How to develop an influencer marketing strategy
  • How to engage brand communities and influencers
  • How to earn endorsement from spheres of influence
  • How to build influence with sustainable networks

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Bianca Hu – Delightful’s Digital Marketing Specialist

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