Introducing Our Newest Team Member – Brittany Vance

Hey y’all! My name is Brittany Vance, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Delightful Communications. If you’re wondering: yes, I have heard the “Vance refrigeration” joke; yes, I’m thrilled to work at Delightful and no, I’m not three ducks in a trench coat.

As Digital Marketing Coordinator, I use my professional experience to provide copy-writing support to the team across the board. With my hands in a variety of projects, I never have to worry about a bad hair day with all the hats I get to wear during a single day—writer, researcher, and even occasionally project manager!

The Backstory

Now, a lot of people wonder how an Idaho-grown lady such as myself ended up in Seattle and to that I say: y’all haven’t been to Idaho, have you? The most exciting part of my hometown was the yearly event where we dumped a truckload of rubber ducks into the river and raced them over a waterfall. I was not ready to resign myself to that level of boredom.

Instead, I collected a rich and varied professional history—including working in a library archive, writing for BYU’s alumni association and taking charge of five-year old’s at an art camp—and leveraged my experience into being an awesome marketer. I am organized, creative and more than prepared to manage chaos.

Granted, it helps that nobody at Delightful has tried to bite me yet.

All these skills I’ve learned have made me a great asset, but the best thing I bring to the table is my writing, which is basically in my blood at this point. From a fictional podcast about a supernatural detective agency to my Master’s Thesis on empathy in video games (yes, that is a shameless brag), I’m a pro at tackling difficult topics, writing in different voices and styles, and researching like my graduation depends on it.

My ability to seamlessly switch writing voices has helped me write professionally for several years in different capacities, including freelance writing articles, managing social media accounts, and writing SEO copy for a variety of businesses. Still, my other professional experience has taught me that I am not just a writer, which is why I’m pleased Delightful Communications lets me blend my writing and organization skills.

The Present

It has always been important for me to work for a company with good values, and Delightful Communications has many. I particularly appreciate is “People, Not Pixels.” While at BYU Alumni, I spent much of my time championing the stories of graduates and finding the extraordinary aspect of seemingly ordinary lives, and I love to bring that care for others into my work here.

I am also happy to be “Always Learning.” Academia taught me the importance of working to make difficult topics accessible to others—I read too many papers that were so preoccupied in sounding ‘smart’ that the content ended up being absolute nonsense. I am not about that style. Instead, I cannot wait to help take tricky technical information and turn it into something that more people can understand.

It is so fantastic to be working in a cool city with such great people, and I am ready to bring all my skills to the table at this next stage of my life, here at Delightful. Whether you need stellar copy, an organized approach, or just a laugh, I am happy to be your Ms. Write. (See what I did there?)

Brittany Vance – Digital Marketing Coordinator

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