Introducing Our Newest Team Member – Dan Galan

My name is Dan – a creative thinker and visual storyteller. I am also the newest member here at Delightful Communications. As the Visual Design Specialist, I help the team bring strategies and stories to life visually, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be in this role.

My Journey

I originally started my creative journey in the not-so quiet, peaceful state of New Jersey. I started originally as a musician which connected me to the world of visual arts. As I exited my high school years I began really connecting with people in the industry and before long I found myself getting my hands on whatever I could do. From t-shirt designs to being on film sets, I wanted to absorb all that I could about this new community I was thrust into.

My career really began taking shape as I took positions as a designer and thought leader in multiple non-profits, helping these organizations craft what would be their next right steps in becoming more visually compelling and communally relevant on a digital stage in a digital world.

From New Jersey, to California, and now to the beautiful state of Washington, I have found an amazing team and creative community here with Delightful.

Fearless and Forthright

One of our values here at Delightful is “Fearless and Forthright”. As a visual creator this completely connects with what I believe is also a core value of creativity and design.

Now more than ever, content should be provocative and full of intent. Fearlessly pushing boundaries while still respecting what has come before. Day in and day out I get to see this accomplished at Delightful and I am better because of it.

I am grateful to be constantly learning what it means to create work that communicates the story of those who trust us with making them more discoverable, shareable, and memorable.


Dan Galan – Visual Design Specialist, Delightful Communications

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