Introducing Our Newest Team Member – Victoria Solis

Hey, hi, hello! I’m Victoria Solis, Delightful Communications’ Executive Communications Strategist. I was the dozenth member to come on board at Delightful HQ and am thrilled to be part of such a well-versed and balanced team.

Here at Delightful, I oversee our Executive Communications & Leadership Branding practice. I help our clients unearth what sets them apart as professionals in their field, identify their personal and professional goals and motivations, and help them become more discoverable, shareable, and memorable as leaders at their companies and in the public eye.

Let’s take it back

It wasn’t necessarily a direct route to my Executive Communications Strategist position here at Delightful. Out of college, attending the most beautiful campus on the west coast, or at least by my standards, (Go Dawgs!), I graduated from the University of Washington with a double-major in Political Science and English.

As a child, I knew I had a knack for storytelling. As the team can attest, written or spoken, once I get going, you can’t get me to stop! Yet, anxious to land a job out of college, I accepted a sales role at a company designing physical marketing items for universities across the country.

It took me little time in that role to realize sales made me want to hit ‘snooze’ in the mornings. I had no real interest or fulfillment from my work and found myself more motivated than ever to realign. I sought out a career that would allow me to write, to tell stories, and spark the imaginations and curiosities of others.

Tides of change

I started doing freelance ghostwriting and helping with political campaigns at local levels, which shortly thereafter, fed into my role as Blog Writer for Microsoft’s Public Safety and National Security page. The role signified my return to pursuing a career that was a natural fit. It was the perfect, symbiotic relationship between the two topics I spent four years at university learning about.

Later, I was spring-boarded into a ladder of communications roles for Microsoft, managing an array of social accounts, tracking product health, sentiment, and retail analytics, and eventually becoming an Executive Communications Manager for several Microsoft execs. I quickly learned I loved wearing the multiple hats associated with managing brands and people, getting to adapt to brand voices and cater to new, interesting challenges with unique, bespoke solutions.

Here and now

Since then, and with over six Corporate VPs served and 3.5 years of corporate technology and communications knowledge, I’ve taken my experience to Delightful.

The world of communications is fast-paced and ever-changing. I’m thrilled to offer our Executive Communications & Leadership Branding Clients with developed, customized, digital strategies that allow them to be at the forefront of their industry while maintaining their values and identity online.

It’s my goal that clients are given the information and management they need to succeed and accomplish the objectives that matter most to them; both on- and off-line. This mirrors our Delightful principle of ‘people, not just pixels.’

With this mindfulness, I work with our executive and leadership branding clients and give them the foundations and strategies to shine as the mindful and renaissance leaders they are, incorporating their company’s values and doing so with the principles we value at Delightful Communications.


Thanks for reading and be sure to check out details on our Executive Communications & Leadership Branding Program.

Victoria Solis – Executive Communications & Branding Strategist, Delightful Communications

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