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I am the newest member of the Delightful Team and, as the Digital Marketing Program Manager, I will be working with clients and online influencers, providing strategic support and content to amplify their personal and professional brands.

Organic — It’s not just for groceries.

I’m a University of Washington alum (Go Dawgs!) from the Master of Science in Information Management program where I focused on user experience and content strategy. Under the mentorship of the talented professors there I found a home with digital content. I was fortunate to capitalize on these skills with a large variety of client work as both a contractor and agency marketer here in Seattle.

I was drawn to team Delightful for its understanding of the value of people in the marketing process (think people, not pixels). In an age where people increasingly choose brands based on their identity, I think that marketing must go beyond traditional advertising and focus on the people behind the brand. When you build a brand identity with quality content and outreach you increase the opportunity for engagements that will provide long-term brand loyalty.

My focus has always been on creating a fantastic user experience, judging the success of my content by the ability of the user to interact and engage with that item. I work to create informative and entertaining items that help build your organic reach. The internet is more than just pixels traveling across distance, but people connecting and creating a shared experience.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about my style, here is some of my favorite content that I have had the opportunity to create.

  • UX Design for the Dogs – Also published on Content Insight as Pavlov’s Icon, I find the psychology of web use fascinating, while many of our ingrained behaviors are actually quite simple.
  • Information Hoarders – I’m a firm proponent of clean web design. I believe that every item on a page should reflect your organization and serve a purpose.
  • Video Game Statistics Database -A resource for industry fans and professionals, it was a privilege to act as project lead on this database for Big Fish Games.
  • What is a Channel Plan and Why do I Need One – Strategic planning is the key to successful social media promotion. Understanding how and when you will be promoting your content is imperative.

In addition to my online existence, I love my town and all that Seattle has to offer. If I’m not exploring the area with my husband, toddler, and dog, I’m likely hidden in a book or iPad game. When I’m feeling really ambitious I spend my time renovating my tiny West Seattle home and planning my future garden. I look forward to all the new opportunities waiting for me with the Delightful team and am happy to be on board.

Fun facts about me:

Kate Hagan

Digital Marketing Strategist, Delightful Communications

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  • Tim Starkie

    Kate, Congrats on joining Mel’s team – He’s a bloody good bloke and having read your introduction about yourself, I’m sure you’ll both be a great asset to each other.
    Best regards Tim

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