How to Use the New LinkedIn App to Boost Your Personal Brand via Your Phone

Have you updated the LinkedIn app on your smartphone yet? If not, you should!

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn has become the most important social media platform for building a professional personal brand and while the old LinkedIn app was fine for checking a few updates or accepting a friend request, the clustered functionality and not-so-aesthetically-pleasing user interface somehow limited it’s potential to enable users to enhance their personal brands adequately via mobile.


The new LinkedIn Flagship app aims to provide users with ”a mobile experience that is more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies your LinkedIn experience.”

Personally, I think LinkedIn did a great job reaching this goal.

Here’s how the improved features of the new LinkedIn app can help you boost your personal brand on the go:

Edit Profile & Adjust Settings in the ‘Me’ tab

The new app breaks down its functionalities into 5 tabs: Home, Me, Messaging, My Network, and Search.


In the ‘Me’ tab – ‘the one stop shop for your professional brand,’ you now can edit your profile, check who’s viewed your profile, who’s interacted with your updates, and other notifications, etc.

The profile editing function is much more intuitive than it was before. With the pencil icons and the ‘+’ icons, it’s very easy for users to add a section or edit an experience.


You can also adjust nearly all the settings of your account, privacy, and communications in the ‘Me’ tab. If you want to take a look at the LinkedIn profile of the person you are meeting in a few seconds but don’t want to leave trace, you can now go change the Profile Viewing Options by simply tapping on your phone.

Get the Information You Need

The old LinkedIn app is notorious for providing clustered and irrelevant information in the feed. To solve the problem, the new app grouped the information into two tabs – ‘Home’ and ‘My Network’ – to keep it relevant and clear.

According to Jonathan Redfern, LinkedIn’s VP of Product, on Mashable, the home feed of the new LinkedIn app has moved from a feed that was a lot about your connections to a feed that’s more about the professional topics and interests you choose to follow. For the first time, LinkedIn is going to ask users what content they are interested in, and over time they can also unfollow things that are less valuable to them.

The ‘My Network’ tab uses a neat card-like layout to present a daily briefing of what’s happening in your professional network. You can say congrats to your connection’s new job or simply swipe the cards through if you don’t want to take any action.


Another interesting new feature in the ‘My Network’ tab is that it will show the profile of the person you are meeting with that day with information on what shared connections or interests you have if you’ve synced your calendar with the app.

Easier Communication

The new app’s messaging feature is now similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The chat-like interface now allows you to insert pictures, send LinkedIn’s own Emoji stickers, and attach documents very easily.


What do you think of the new app?

Are there any other features you like to use for personal branding?

Please comment below as we would love to know your thoughts!

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