Why Outsourcing your Executive Social Media and Leadership Branding is Worth It


At Delightful Communications we have been working alongside an array of high-tech industry executives since 2012 and have seen firsthand the impact that strategic executive communications & leadership branding can make toward furthering personal and corporate goals.

In that time, we’ve helped many leaders and (often) their communications managers define, establish and elevate their executive online presence and credibility, expand their customer network, attract new professional opportunities, and strengthen all-important brand trust.

But the reality is that even with all these benefits, leadership responsibilities and competing demands can make it challenging to devote the time needed to plan and execute effective communications and branding. Which is why we recommend outsourcing this important work to a trusted expert.

As a global B2B marketing agency, our sole focus is developing the strategies and executing the tactics to build an impactful online presence that delivers tangible results.

Here’s why outsourcing your executive communications strategy is a worthwhile investment that pays dividends.

An integrated agency can help you scale quickly

When outsourcing your executive social media or leadership brand management, choosing an integrated agency can meet not only your existing needs but your future needs as well.

A capable agency can help you define your goals, build a strategic and tactical framework, and provide you with competitive analyses, messaging, and content-related services as well. This can help you save valuable time finding the support and resources you need.

We recommend selecting an agency that can offer you a range of in-house services and a range of professionals. Services might include:

  • Analytics and strategic support including landscape research, competitive analysis, and strategic development
  • Marketing services like demand generation, content marketing, event amplification, and employee advocacy
  • Leadership essentials like thought-leadership and content creation, contributor marketing, and digital PR
  • Creative services like copywriting, graphic design, and video production & editing

An external perspective helps with goal development

Most clients know the results they want to see but are unclear on the methods for achieving those results or whether they are manageable. A great agency specializing in executive communications will do a deep dive analysis and help you identify and align on realistic goals while providing a timely expectation on delivering them.

Before outsourcing to a team, prospect your agencies by asking about benchmarking, historic, and competitor analyses to reinforce strategies.

Also, our clients have found that having an “outside” pair of eyes helps them shape an executive narrative that will resonate more effectively externally and challenge internal assumptions.

Access to industry experience grows your knowledge

By outsourcing your executive social media and leadership branding work, you gain access to the knowledge and expertise of an entire team of professionals. This team has the primary mission of building the strategy and executing the tactical support towards your chosen KPIs. Consider a team capable of proving recommendations or support in ad-hoc moments.

The company you select should be able to fill in any gaps in knowledge on the process and have answers to questions you have about the industry, strategy, or personalized program they put together for you. They can also help provide training and inspiration to bring individuals up to speed on industry knowledge.

Look for and request case studies or examples of their work; an agency should be able to back their achievements. Here are some examples of our Delightful Case Studies.

You get more time to devote to your core business

Finally, outsourcing your social and branding gives you more time to focus on your core business.

By choosing an agency that offers white-glove support, you can continue driving toward your goals while your agency helps build your brand, expands your network, and lays the foundation for future opportunities for you and your business.

Thanks for reading. Ready to take the leap? Check out details on our Executive Communications & Leadership Branding Services.

Victoria Solis – Executive Communications & Branding Strategist, Delightful Communications

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