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In early January, I was invited onto The Career Cue, a podcast focused on career growth, to talk about methods for amplifying your brand with host, Danna Redmond.

We touched on several different topics but started off with something broad—How to differentiate yourself to stand out from other people.

From there, I had a chance to touch on my personal experiences that lead me to the realization of just how important personal branding truly is.

After sharing my story, I talked about my take on why personal branding is important for the average person trying to get his or her next promotion or job, how to brand yourself within a corporate environment, the ins and outs of becoming discoverable, shareable, and memorable, and much, much more.

I often emphasize that everyone has a story and that no one is average. The difference is that not everyone knows how to amplify their story to make it discoverable, shareable, and memorable. I had a wonderful time discussing methods for amplifying your story, as well as sharing quite a bit about mine with Danna.

Check out the audio below to learn some of these tips and tricks to help your personal brand stand out.

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