How to Build a Personal Branding Strategy

As more and more people are coming to Delightful for insight and help with how to build a personal branding strategy and tell their professional stories, we decided to embark on a series of blog posts that gives readers a sense of what they need to think about when putting together a strategy to help build their personal brands and make them more Discoverable, Sharable and Memorable.

This post has been revised and updated based on the feedback we have had from our book on Amazon that has been getting rave reviews:

Introduction to Personal Branding: Ten Steps Towards a New Professional You

We’ve renamed the series: How to Build a Personal Branding Strategy.

Every nugget of information was published every two weeks over the course of six months to coincide with the launch of the book.

Here are the Ten Posts that have been published:

Get a New Profile Picture – Your New Image Starts with an Image

How Discoverable is Your Personal Brand?

How to Establish Your Professional Purpose

How to Learn to Listen and Practice Empathy

Take 5 and Practice Writing

How to Reengineer Your Digital Presence

How to Analyze Your Competitors as You Build Your Personal Brand

How to Craft Your Personal Branding Statement

Embrace and Expound Your Experience

Social by Design: How to Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out. Always.

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We’d love to get your feedback and hear what’s working for you with your personal brand building efforts, so please don’t be shy in telling us what you think and sharing our content with friends and peers if you think it will resonate with them!

Here’s to you perfecting a personal branding strategy and being more discoverable, shareable and memorable!


@MelCarson – Founder of Delightful


  • Kathryn Maclean

    How wonderful! I am delighted to find your site Mel.
    I am now working on presenting myself rather than any company so
    your information is just what I was looking for. How delightful!

    • Mel Carson

      Thanks Kathryn. Let us know how you get on!

  • How to Craft a Personal Branding Statement

    […] Remember to check back in a fortnight for the next installment in our series: Personal Branding: 10 Steps to Your Perfect Strategy […]

  • Arturo


    I’m looking for a 360 review and feedback, assistance in goal setting, defining, planning, for personal and professional purposes, and to learn what can be outsourced for execution.

    Looking forward to your contact.

    Kind Regards,
    Arturo Bauder

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