Mel Carson to Deliver Art of Personal Branding Keynote at Seattle Business Tradeshow

We’re thrilled to announce I’ll be delivering the keynote speech at this year’s Seattle Business Tradeshow on Wednesday 8th June 2016.

Seattle Business Tradeshow

We’re big fans of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce and the incredible work they do here in the Puget Sound Area.

To be invited to address the delegates and exhibitors before the tradeshow floor opens is a tremendous honor, and I’m determined to make my talk informative, engaging, entertaining and, above all, actionable!

Here’s the title and what people can expect to take away from my speech:

The Art of Personal Branding: How to Stand Up & Stand Out in Business

Given just 15% of people believe what a brand has to say, while 90% of people will trust the word of a peer, family member or friend, it’s a wonder why more business people are not marketing themselves as well as their companies. The explosion in the use of digital and social media across a myriad of different devices has given professionals an incredible opportunity to stand up and stand out, not just for themselves, but as trusted advocates for their brands as well.

In this session you’ll learn why personal branding should be such an important part of your career plan, how making a better impression through your personal brand can benefit your business, and you’ll get some quick, actionable tips on how to get your wisdom and experience on the right road to being more discoverable, shareable, and memorable.

My talk will start at 2 pm on Wednesday 8th June at The Washington Convention Center.

Hope to see you there!


@MelCarson – Founder & Principal Strategist

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