Company Culture and Purpose

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As an organization grows – in people, profits and resources – it’s important to have a well-defined purpose, and distinct set of values for continuity and success. As you begin team expansion efforts, let’s be sure you are on solid ground with a unified grasp of what your company stands for.

Outline the future of your work environment with CoCreate Work.

Mission, Vision & Values Development

We work with you through in-person discovery sessions to design or re-evaluate a mission and vision that resonates and is a true reflection of your organization.  

Through our Principle Development Lab, we join company participants in the process of proposing, iterating and agreeing upon a set of strong values everyone believes in. We provide a finished product, a graphic representation of company values, and recommendations and support for consistent company culture integration.

Leadership Assessment & Executive Coaching

Using the results of the StrengthsFinder Assessment and Energy Leadership Index (ELI), we highlight the specific strengths within your leadership team. Our ELI certified coaches help you clarify leadership styles and identify gaps, building an executive team you can count on.

Continue the conversation by meeting with a certified executive coach, identifying long-term strategies to leverage your leadership style in your professional and personal life.

“ Our goal here is to push through the daily grind mentality and help our partners understand how their natural strengths form distinct leadership styles, and then communicate that value to the entire organization and beyond.” La’Kita Williams, Co-Founder Principal Strategist at CoCreate Work

Leadership & Personal Branding

As part of the process, we engage participants in leadership branding sessions, helping you walk away with a brand statement that defines and guides your professional leadership.

Working with CoCreate also grants you access to Delightful’s Personal Brand Lab. Understand how to use the web to make your mark, create connections and advance your business and career.

This includes a complete review of all social media touchpoints within your leadership team and 1:1 debriefs with our personal branding expert, Mel Carson.  

We design company culture for the future of work, let’s CoCreate something great together.

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Company Culture & Purpose

Through a deep dive that includes data analysis, ideation, debriefs, coaching sessions and team engagement, clients partner with us to design their strategy for building a vibrant culture; from mission and principles to growth.

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Organizational Design

We help you design and implement internal structures that translate to a culture of inclusion, effective hiring practices, ongoing employee growth strategy, leadership development, role clarity, and infusing social good into your culture.

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Employee Experience

Make the experience intentional for your new employees from day zero. We help you design your process for onboarding new team members, develop a robust talent strategy, build effective development and ongoing performance mechanisms.

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