Alex Mercer

Global Strategy Director

Alex has a distinguished global career in brand, marketing and communications, with extensive experience working for prominent organizations spanning Asia Pacific and the United States. Currently serving as a Director at Delightful Communications, Alex plays a pivotal role in enhancing the global influence of the firm’s clients.  

With over a decade at Microsoft, Alex managed communications across global, public sector and ESG portfolios. This journey subsequently led to engagement in philanthropic and social impact endeavors, including the Giving Pledge at Gates Ventures, which has contributed to reshaping the landscape of charitable giving. Deeply passionate about social enterprise and fostering the growth of startups, Alex is an advocate and an active investor in entrepreneurial ventures, helping set up ArcAngels, an investment organization dedicated to investing in women-founded businesses. 

Alex has also had appointments at ASX-listed company Xero and at Datacom Group, where she continues to support brand and sustainability strategy. Alex has two children with husband Chris, who attend College in Rhode Island and in Melbourne.  

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