Ann Vu

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

As a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist for Delightful Communications, Ann enjoys cultivating positive relationships with clients and helping them grow alongside a strategic business partnership. She loves collaborating with both clients to understand their needs and with team members to help create and execute on campaigns that help drive results and exceed client goals.

With 8 years of experience in digital advertising, pay-per-call performance lead generation, Ann is passionate about people and helping others achieve their goals. Before joining Delightful, she worked for King County Elections for 2020 November General Election, and prior, was an Associate Account Manager managing a portfolio of digital campaigns for variety of enterprise and SMB clients for a few years. She was also part of an SEM campaign management team that helped create a digital presence, and drive leads, for clients. She has 4 years of experience in copy writing, copy editing, and is eager to leverage her writing, interpersonal and organizational skills to contribute to the team.

Originally from Edmonton, AB Canada and a proud Canadian with dual citizenship, Ann has lived in Greater Seattle area for nearly two decades now. She graduated from Western Washington University with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She is passionate about writing, traveling and exploring the world, and overall health, wellness and fitness. A huge advocate for life-long learning, she’s driven to excel and strives for both personal and professional development each and every day. She loves spending time with family and friends, exploring latest food and drink scenes, living an active, healthy (and fulfilling) lifestyle and creating memorable experiences filled with love, joy and gratitude.

Connect with Ann onĀ LinkedIn.


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