Bettijean Collins

Senior Content Specialist

Bettijean has over 20 years of experience helping authors and organizations tell stories. The common thread through every project is her ability to capture an author’s unique voice and vision.

She has tackled everything from IT maturity’s impact on organizations to large-scale innovations for super wicked problems to brain theories and linguistic frameworks. Along the way, she has helped authors publish non-fiction books that range from managing technical talent risk, becoming an Agile CEO, and finding your philanthropic “can’t not do.”

Since relocating from the Midwest years ago, she has developed a keen appetite for adventure. She has camped in Gates of the Arctic with grizzlies, canoed above the Arctic Circle with migrating caribou, and watched quietly as newborn Northern fur seals discover the beaches of the Pribolof Islands.  When not exploring, Bettijean and her husband call Bellevue home.


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