Jenn Spicer

Senior Strategist

A natural storyteller, Jenn helps people tell their own story. She works with professionals and entrepreneurs to uncover what they are passionate about, what brings them fulfillment, and what impact they want to have on the world. She marries the art of language with the science of strategy and optimization, helping people communicate their story and value while giving them the tools and guidance they need to reach their goals.

Before coming to Delightful Communications in 2019, Jenn spent nearly 15 years in administration and sales. Tired of not following her own passions, Jenn went back to school and graduated in 2016 from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media & Communication and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts.

Jenn is thrilled to use her unique mix of experiences to further develop, manage, and expand the personal brand program at Delightful. Always fascinated with human behavior and motivation, she uses her deep understanding of her client’s wants, needs, and pain points to craft the language and strategy they need to succeed. She continually works to expand and grow the personal brand program, streamlining processes and expanding the program’s offerings.

In an ideal world, she believes everyone should feel happiness and fulfillment in their career and nothing makes her happier than helping others reach their goals.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jenn is happy to have moved back to her gloriously gloomy home after spending six years in the too-sunny Texas desert. Outside of her life at Delightful, Jenn spends her time binge-watching television, doing puzzles, and playing board, card, and video games with her husband and friends.

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