Interview: Ann Handley on Making Marketing Bigger, Braver, and Bolder

At the Internet Summit in Raleigh, North Carolina, late last year, I had the chance to interview Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, following her delightful keynote speech.

Ann Handley on Content Marketing

In her keynote, she talked about creating marketing that is bigger, braver, and bolder. During our Delightful Conversation, Ann broke down for us what being bigger, braver, and bolder truly means in terms of next steps for your marketing.

She mentioned that the easiest thing to do was to simply embrace the opportunity of content marketing. She passionately spoke about focusing on your bigger story—“putting your brand or your service in the context of what people care about.”

Then she followed this dissection with some common mistakes she sees companies making with their marketing and branding. Again, she touched on the idea of embracing the opportunity, but focused on not embracing the opportunity as the number one mistake she’s seen.

When it comes to writing content, Ann had interesting input on mixing written content with other mediums to make your words more compelling.

I rounded out our conversation by asking Ann about one of my favorite topics, personal branding.

Ann shared her take on how she built her personal brand and became a thought-leader in the industry. She credited her personal brand success to the idea that she never intentionally set out to build it, she’s simply strived to help and inspire other marketers—something I truly admire.

A great big thank you to Ann Handley for taking some time out of her day to share some of her thoughts and wisdom!

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