Thank You #BrightonSEO

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to grace the stage at the Brighton Dome in the South of England at the fabulous #BrightonSEO conference.


The conference organizer – the hugely talented and affable Kelvin Newman – had taken a punt on me doing a talk on Personal Branding, a subject not regularly heard about from the stage of major digital marketing conferences.

My angle was, that in-order to do the best for our businesses, we had to do the very best for ourselves by understanding our professional purpose and building a personal brand around being Authentic, Useful, Relevant and Authentic << AURA geddit?!

The reception to the speech was just what we had wanted to achieve.

People were genuinely interested in the content and took a lot away from it, not just for themselves, but to share back at their offices with peers.


When we started offering personal branding services and I began speaking about it nearly 4 years ago, I knew we were onto something.

The discipline is definitely starting to become more and more an integral part of people’s lives and I’m glad we’ve played a part in helping hundreds of people onto the path to a better professional future.

We’ve had twice as many personal branding clients this year as we did in all of last, so we must be doing something right and will continue to do so.

I want to thank Kelvin and team again for inviting me and to everyone who said such nice things afterwards.

Lastly, I’ve got my thinking cap on for a subject to talk about as Kelvin’s asked me to speak again, so I’ll be back in Brighton next year!

Here’s the video of my speech if you’ve missed it:

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