A Delightful approach to event marketing: achieve more with content and social media

The Autumn event season is upon us, and the Delightful team is attending and supporting client events around the globe. We love the opportunity to work with companies to amplify and extend the impact of their event marketing through social media and video.


Event amplification allows clients to get more from the significant investment they make in event sponsorship and attendance. It brings the valuable content shared at an event to a larger audience, optimizing it for people “outside the room”.

It also helps to increase the visibility of the personal brands of the leaders and speakers that travel sometimes vast distances to stand on stage and impart their knowledge.

Here are some tips for your next event:

Plan ahead

Don’t wait until you are at the event to start sharing. Let people know you are attending, speaking, hosting a booth, etc… Use social media to promote your participation, be sure to explain what your audience both in person and virtually is going to get from the experience.

  • Before you go make sure you know all the rules of the event for sharing content; some will be more restrictive than others, so be informed.
  • Test all of your technology in advance. Planning to use a 360 camera? Make sure you know how it works.  Want to do some live Facebook videos? Try it out first.
  • Set your “out of office” message to let people know about the event and your role at it.
  • And don’t forget your business cards.

Engage with Your Audience During the event

Keep your audience informed of what’s happening.  Be sure to extract and share actionable insights.  Sharing pictures and videos of the experience will increase the engagement and give your virtual audience a better feel for the experience.  Always include the event hashtag this is a great way to pick-up an audience outside your immediate network. Check your security settings and consider sharing publically.

Here is an example of the type of content we share from events.

Amplify your story after the event

Following the event write a blog post or share video highlights.  Send a thank you to the event organizers or other speakers that you enjoyed; be authentic and specific. An ‘old-fashioned’ thank you note is a meaningful way to build relationships and your brand.

Here is an event highlight reel we put together for our friends at BingAds:

Events are a fantastic opportunity to connect with customers, partners, colleagues, and experts in your field. Don’t forget it is also a great way to connect with your virtual audience and share valuable information and insights along the way.

Speaking of events you can keep up with Mel as he attends and speaks at upcoming events; next up Pubcon Las Vegas.

Thanks for reading.

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Ashley Seffernick –  Director of Customer Learning & Success at Delightful

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