Infographic: Your Personal Branding Strategy In 10 Steps

We’ve received tons of positive feedback since the launch of our latest eBook: Introduction to Personal Branding: 10 Steps Toward a New Professional You, which is also live now on Audible and iTunes as an audio book!


We are thrilled that the book has helped our readers to start paying more attention to their personal brand and more importantly, actually making plans and taking action to improve their personal brand and be more discoverable, shareable and memorable:

“This is by far the most-bookmarked book (per page-capita) on my Kindle today. I’ve already set up a site, paid attention to image names, tweaked my LinkedIn profile, and more based on Mel’s tips.” – S. Weise

 “After an initial read, I have started to outline a plan of action to create a virtual presence that will help to guide my future on-line, and off-line, professional goals.” – Wilson

“I really liked that he provides some action steps that can be implemented immediately such as updating and improving your social media accounts.” – Frank M

Inspired by these kind reviews from book readers on Amazon, we’ve created a snapshot infographic based on the book that concludes the ten steps you need to take to build a perfect personal brand.

By doing this, we hope the infographic will make it easier for you to reference, make plans, and take action to optimize your personal brand.


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