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Our Personal Branding Consulting Services Include:

  • Personal Branding Training & Workshops
  • Social Media Presence Analysis & Strategy Recommendation
  • Social Media & Personal Brand Strategies for CEOs & Executives
  • Online Reputation Monitoring & Management Strategies
  • Social Media Company Policy Implementation
  • LinkedIn Training & Strategy Creation

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If 60% of all internet searches are about people, how many of them are about you?

Personal branding is no longer for the business elite, because in this digital age, enhancing your personal brand is more than just a trip to the tailors followed by a couple of hours grooming in the chair of some swanky downtown salon.

Everything you do online via your computer or mobile device says something about you.
Whether it’s what you Tweet, how you update your status on Facebook, what you re-pin on Pinterest, how your write on your WordPress blog or what you share on Tumblr or LinkedIn, it’s all up there on the web as a flashing beacon saying THIS IS ME!

Like it or not, that beacon is sometimes all prospective customers and employers have to go on when initially assessing whether you’re a good fit for them.

So how do you go about making sure you’re giving off the right signals?

When it comes to personal branding, firstly you need to understand what people see when they’re looking for you and correct it if needs be. Then you need a strategy and some tactics, so that going forward, you’re being seen as authentic, but you’re not setting yourself up for personal failure because your understanding of how social media and online reputation monitoring works is so much better than it was before.

Managing your personal brand online is so important, especially with so many people searches going through Google, Bing and LinkedIn. Your online profile is often the first point of call from prospective customers and employers.

If you’re a busy executive or professional that wants to know how to use social media better to help your personal branding and online reputation, or you work in PR and are looking for ways to raise the online profiles of your company’s executives, then contact Delightful Communications and take advantage of our Personal Branding Consultancy services.

We know how to behave online so people like you.

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