Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Consulting Services:

  • Social Media Strategy Analysis & Training
  • Social Media Channel Recommendation & Activation
  • Company Social Media Policy Creation & Implementation
  • Social Media Integration Recommendation
  • Social Media Training for PR & Marketing Teams
  • Social Media Training & Strategy for CEOs & Executives
  • Online Community Management Strategies

The ubiquity of social media is something advertisers, marketers and PR people cannot afford to ignore any more.

In fact, many have not ignored it, they’ve embraced its massive potential only to get burned by disappointing reach results, poor engagement, minimal ROI and embarrassing finger-wagging by higher-paid people in their business who simply don’t get that it’s no longer a fad, and needs to be taken seriously and invested in properly.

Digital is here to stay and social media is part of the digital family. So is social media integration.

There are many that say we should drop the “digital” from our advertising, marketing and PR vernacular, because pretty soon everything we do will be digital. They wonder why we are drawing distinctions.

The key to successful use of social media lies in just that: not having a distinct approach to using social channels but rather integrating them into your more “traditional” customer outreach.

Social media marketing strategies should not be conducted in a silo. Neither should digital strategy as a whole.
A disciplined, integrated and cohesive campaign across your marketing, advertising and PR functions will be seen and engaged with by more people and realize a much better return on investment.

Thinking about how your website, your blog, your SEO, your LinkedIn or Facebook page, your Twitter account and your online YouTube videos and other paid, owned or earned digital channels play into your overall strategy, should happen right at the start of your planning, not cobbled onto the end when all the other assets are in place and ready to go.

If you need some help restructuring and training your business to understand and grasp social media integration, or if you have a particular product, service or campaign that needs a little extra help contact Delightful Communications and get some ideas via our Social Media consultancy.

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