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Looking for a marketing or PR consultant or agency versed in social media, digital marketing and personal branding?

Did you know that you are one of over seven billion people in this world right now. You’re also one of over two billion people using the internet. That’s 500% more than were using the internet in the year 2000.

That’s a lot of people and A LOT of growth.

As a business trying to capitalize on shifting media habits, you should know that as more and more of your future customers come online, most are using different devices at different times of the day to consume that media, connect with others and be entertained.

Know too that the attention span of your current customers is waning.

The lightning speed at which we’re all communicating in clipped sentences of 140 characters or less through social media is affecting how we assimilate information. So is the ease with which imagery can be captured, enhanced, uploaded and shared.

Consumers are being exposed to information at an incredible rate and volume, and they are in control. They know where the back button is, they know how to press stop and if you’re not delightful, they will say no.

Our Seattle-based marketing and PR consulting agency helps businesses with digital marketing, social media, digital PR and personal branding.

We help brands to stand out, shine, be brilliant…….and delightful!

Mel Carson

Founder of Delightful Communications – A Social Media, Digital PR and Personal Branding Consultancy based in Seattle

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