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According to a study by PR Newswire in 2015, a press release that contains some multimedia assets like a video, images, audio, links or some kind of social media “call to action”, will be seen 77% more times than a hyperbole-riddled word document that contains nothing to catch the eye or invite anyone to share it.

Yes, that’s right, 77%!

The reason is that people who read that press release, or subsequent article by a journalist that contains those digital assets, are 3.5 times more likely to share it because the content is richer, more compelling and adds value to the story trying to be told.

Creating a video to accompany an announcement is becoming more and more the thing to do, as is interviewing an executive on camera to talk about whatever the message is, as it adds credence and authenticity and helps build trust.

Making your content discoverable on places like Google, Bing, YouTube, SlideShare, Facebook and Twitter is just the first step to getting that PR message in front of your target audience.

The second step is to ensure the message is delivered in such a way that your audience can and want to share it.

Many PR professionals still see their audience as being just the press names in their media list. They’re missing out on the fact that through digital, they can help those journalists tell better stories and reach more eyeballs, because the message is richer, more engaging and more shareable. Our Digital PR Consultancy services can help.

If you’re an in-house PR or marketing department that needs to better understand how digital PR can be used to help your business grow, or you’re a PR agency that needs training and a better steer on getting creative through digital, then contact Seattle-based Delightful Communications and take advantage of our digital PR consultant’s experience.

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