Introducing our First EMEA Team Member: Simone Schuurer

Delightful Communications expands into UK & EMEA

I’m Simone and happy to introduce myself to you as the Delightful Communications Digital Marketing Strategist based in EMEA. I live South of London in the Surrey Hills in a town steeped in literary history with links to Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Jane Austen, E.M Forster and more. As you may gather, I love literature and writing. I have a BA in Communications, Journalism and PR.

I truly enjoy the work I do. Digital marketers are communicators with a fascinating toolbox. They have the tools to be endlessly creative but also have the equipment to test whether communication strategies and executed plans help solve a customer’s goals.

Joining Delightful Communications

I’m actually not brand new to the team. I joined in May 2018 but there wasn’t much time for introductions as I was brought straight into the interesting work Delightful Communications does for the Microsoft IoT in Action Event Series. This campaign won our team a content marketing award no less!

Following digital trends: from web guide editor to digital marketing strategist

Prior to joining Delightful Communications, I worked at Microsoft. From 2010 to early 2018 I led the social media marketing efforts for Microsoft Bing Ads in EMEA, APAC and LATAM.

I designed and executed multi-media campaigns, launched and managed six multi-lingual blogs, initiated and managed the move to social media employee advocacy globally and changed some important communication processes aimed at improving customer experience.

From 2006 to 2010 I was a Search Media Analyst at Bing Ads providing advice, analysis and full-blown PPC campaigns to the top UK 100 retail customers. Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Selfridges and Tesco to name a few. Besides getting very good at writing snappy copy, the role also honed my analytical skills (and knowledge of where to buy the best cushions as a side effect).

Before working at Microsoft I also gained experience at Looksmart where I helped create a web guide for MSN, a forerunner of search. I also worked Discovery Networks, the National Gallery and some employers in my native Netherlands such as the Rijksmuseum and VNU Business Publications.

Matching work and life values

Team Delightful was not new to me – I worked with Delightful Communications whilst I was at Microsoft and loved the creative work and smart analysis I received from the team.

Mel and Ashley also both have been much-respected colleagues in the past and I love their passion for giving back while running a business.

Personally, I believe that you do the best work for customers if you can live the same values you believe in privately and at work. When working with me you can expect me to be open and honest at all times and bring positive energy to the job. Where I can, I’ll always do that bit extra for you as working like that is simply more satisfying. I found this matches really nicely with some of the key values Delightful Communications cares about.

Looking forward to meeting you

Besides digital marketing, I also like growing fruit, vegetables and cutting flowers, roaming the British countryside and visiting places abroad. I like discussing anything from coffee, books, travel, gardens, and cats to current affairs.

I always enjoy meeting new people and businesses to understand how I can help them achieve their goals through digital platforms – I hope we’ll have a chance to meet one day to discuss.

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Simone Schuurer, Digital Marketing Strategist at Delightful Communications

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