8 Amazing Personal Branding Examples You Can Learn From Today

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An effective personal branding strategy provides professionals the platform, opportunity and edge to establish credibility, inspire, and succeed in their niche. While that’s summed up nicely in a sentence, it takes planning and consistent action to execute and build an accomplished personal brand.


While there are plenty of insights and best practices, there’s nothing like some good personal branding examples to put it all in perspective. After all, what does a best personal brand really look like? Does the perfect personal brand exist? Maybe, maybe not. But after some thorough research, here are 8 stellar examples of individuals we believe understand what it means to be discoverable, shareable, and memorable!

Tony Robbins: Far and Wide Digital Footprint – Discoverable

Start typing the name Tony into your a search engine and you might just notice how quick he is to come up as a search term. Then actually click the search button and you will also see that every piece of content on the first couple of pages is related to him. From personal website, to LinkedIn page, to Instagram account, news, and more, Tony Robbins has created a digital footprint to keep you entertained for quite a while.


By having such a strong online presence, he creates the space for individuals to get a better understanding of who he is and what he stands for. Depending on your position and industry, such a large footprint may be difficult or even unnecessary to accomplish, but know that having a solid online presence translates into credibility and leads in the workplace.

Making yourself easily available to get to know is an important building block for molding a strong personal brand.


Amy Cuddy: Brings work to life – Sharable

Familiar with the widely viewed Ted Talk, “Your body language shapes who you are?” Amy Cuddy, social psychologist and associate professor at Harvard Business School, illustrates the success one can reach, and the amount of people their work can touch, by utilizing digital networks, online tools, and creating a forceful offline presence. As a recent graduate myself, it became common to see that Professors take little interest in forging an online identity.

Amy serves as a testament to the heights one’s work can achieve by harnessing tools to reach more people.

Is your work sharable?


Jeff Weiner: The little moments – Memorable

Most of us can appreciate genuine moments of authenticity. Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn – and yes, despite being CEO of LinkedIn – is relatable. I look no further than to this delightful post that appeared on my LinkedIn feed, where he showcases the progression of his career to what it is today. By staying active on social platforms such as LinkedIn, and posting content such as this, Jeff becomes memorable to the everyday individual. Let it be known, that a stellar LinkedIn Profile shapes a successful personal brand as well. To see a good example of a LinkedIn profile I point you in the direction to the master himself!


Michelle Obama: Brand unfolded before our eyes 

As First Lady, Michelle Obama is undoubtedly in the public eye. Yet, what this intelligent gem-of-a-woman has done, is forged thought and action making her an established leader of her own.

Utilizing her position and resources, Michelle Obama has campaigned and started independent initiatives, visited communities around the world, networked with major leaders, and participated in events big, small, political, and purely for entertainment. She has even become renowned for her incredible public speaking skills constructing articulate, engaging, empathetic, and relevant conversation.


Through such overlapping engagements, Miss Obama has allowed people to get to know her on an individual level, not only leading to more media coverage but tremendous positive feedback.

This is the ideal transcendence of a personal brand over a few years!

Simon Sinek: Key messaging nailed down

Having a convincing personal brand also means being able to articulate who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Simon Senik has nailed this down.


Via quick clicks to his social profiles and personal website – both well-designed and personable – I can see and understand what Simon Sinek is all about: unshakable optimist, learn your why, wake up every day inspired, etc.

Key messaging, having a personal branding statement and being able to articulate your mission is all part of embodying and living your personal brand.

How can you start crafting yours today?

Chip and Joanna Gaines: Dynamic duo that takes it step-by-step and inspires

Chip and Joanna Gains are HGTV’s beloved Fixer Upper couple who specialize in home renovation and décor. And this couple has truly nailed down the term dynamic duo.


From shared pages to individual social accounts, the two have weaved a consistent and polished personal brand that seems to match their taste and style. By sharing the story of how they met, and keeping fans updated online, on TV, and with an up-and-coming book, the look, feel, and authenticity of their brand is engaging. They make me wonder what it’s like to make a living with a partner.

They make me want to revamp my apartment or take a vacation to a cute, southern home. This wonder and action inspired, and the leveraging of various avenues to reach people, is a telling sign of a strong and growing personal brand.


Richard Branson: Mission statement defined

Mr. Branson: Founder of Virgin Group, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and seemingly cool dude. Yet beyond his obvious success by pushing the boundaries, is an unwavering personal brand.


Crafting unique content to present on each social channel creates a solidified brand statement. And what I like best about it, is that it’s bold and funny. For instance, yes, his Twitter bio made me chuckle, but it also tells me the type of professional he is – a go-getter, on a mission, and willing to do things unconventionally.

What is your statement? Your mission? Can it be summed up in a few words? By posting and sharing both professional and personal content, and being open about his pitfalls and successes, he’s nailed down the social ratio and the creation of a story too. Well done Branson!

What other individuals do you admire?  What ideas, characteristics and qualities of theirs do you connect to? Can you share any other personal branding examples?

Consider extracting lessons and contributing some of these aspects to your brand strategy to keep it evolving and engaging.

And if you find yourself needing further assistance, look to our Personal Branding service page. We are delighted and ready to help!

Thanks for reading!

Andrea Rocha – Digital Marketing Assistant at Delightful Communications

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