Simone Schuurer

Simone’s professional purpose is to help businesses understand how to translate sound communications and marketing principles to digital channels. She’s passionate about understanding customer goals and achieve these through effective digital communications which their audiences care about.

With 12 years of digital advertising and digital marketing experience in Microsoft, Simone has an extensive understanding of creating and implementing effective digital strategies, copywriting, social media employee advocacy, digital communications for large trade fairs and events, social media management and project management. Simone has a great ‘joie du vivre’ and believes in bringing positive energy to work for great results and enjoyable, lasting collaborations.

Simone joined Delightful Communications in May 2018 to extend the interesting work Delightful Communications does for the Microsoft IoT in Action Event Series to EMEA. A campaign which was awarded with a content marketing award.

Born, raised and educated in the Netherlands but having lived in the UK for 18 years, Simone feels like a true European citizen and enjoys working with people from many different countries and cultures. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, advertising and PR. In her free time, she loves being outdoors and manages two allotments where she grows vegetables, fruit and flowers. She lives in the Surrey Hills -close to London- with her husband and cat.

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Melissa Peebles

Melissa has always been enamored with storytelling and how it affects the world around us. That’s why she’s made it her professional mission to weave compelling narratives that resonate with everyone who reads them. Melissa now utilizes her love of language to captivate audiences and increase conversions, engagement, and brand awareness.

A graduate of Cornell College, Melissa received a B.A. in English with a Literature focus and an additional emphasis on cultural and political communications. Now, it’s the selfsame characteristics that drove her education – an innate passion for storytelling and a desire to forge strong, emotional bonds with readers – that she brings to her current work. Prior to joining the Delightful team, Melissa spent several years learning how best to garner an audience’s attention and trust as she delved into content strategy, email marketing campaigns, public relations initiatives, website copy, and other forms of marketing collateral.

As an Account Director for Delightful Communications, Melissa employs her organizational skills, creative flair, and analytical curiosity to support client initiatives. Whether she’s crafting copy that drives audiences to act or helping monitor, analyze, and report on the performance of marketing campaigns, one thing is always certain: Melissa believes in putting the customer experience first.

After tiring of the brutal, snow-sodden Midwest winters and spending too much time away from her family, this Washington-born native recently moved back home with fiancé and rabble-rousing tabby in tow. When not busy diving into the latest digital trends, Melissa enjoys kayaking, warming dreary days with good books, and rediscovering all that Seattle has to offer.

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Bianca Hu

As an Director of Client Services at Delightful Communications, Bianca’s professional purpose is to help businesses understand and utilize digital media and platforms to convey impactful brand stories that customers and audiences will care about and take action on.

Bianca joined Delightful Communications in 2014 as a Digital Marketing Assistant. As a veteran at Delightful, she truly believes in the company’s mission to build brilliant brands through people, not just pixels.

She’s enthusiastic about helping businesses humanize their brand via stories and people-centered marketing tactics, but she also has a data-driven and analytical mind which enables her to always help clients successfully measure the marketing efforts and achieve their business goals.

Over the past few years, she has helped many of Delightful’s clients achieve success by conducting marketing research, developing digital marketing strategies, managing content marketing and social media campaigns, analyzing marketing data and generating actionable reporting.

She was instrumental in the success of Delightful’s award-winning marketing campaigns – the #MajesticinSpace project for, a digital PR stunt that recreated “The Internet” in 3D on the International Space Station; and #IoTinActionMS for Microsoft, a global event series that Delightful supported and augmented with robust digital strategy.

Bianca is originally from Lanzhou, a northwestern city in China that’s famous for their beef noodle soup!

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism in China and made her way to the U.S. for her Master of Arts degree in Communications at Columbia University, New York City.

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Kylee Schmuck

Kylee thrives helping people and businesses implement, measure, and achieve their goals. She truly enjoys working with clients providing strategic and tactical support for their integrated digital marketing campaigns.

She has worked in the marketing field since graduating from the University of Washington with a double major in Political Science and Eastern European Language, Literature, and Culture. She is a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional and is IQ Google Analytics Certified. She has experience creating content, managing social media, and implementing and measuring various types of marketing campaigns including, but not limited to, social media, email, content, and website redesigns.

Prior to joining Delightful Communications Kylee worked both freelance and as the marketing coordinator for a tech staffing firm here in Seattle, WA. As a digital native, she enjoys learning and staying up-to-date with all of the constantly evolving and emerging social platforms online.

From the LiveJournal to Myspace, to today’s social media platforms of choice such as Instagram and Twitter, she’s ridden the waves of popular online platforms and loves being an early adopter.

Outside of Delightful, Kylee still enjoys freelance writing as a mental health and invisible illness advocate. Her writing has been featured on sites such as The Mighty, Project Heal, Free and Above, and more. She also enjoys backpacking, running, yoga, and CrossFit.

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Mel Carson

Mel’s mission is to educate and inspire businesses and individuals to be more discoverable, shareable, and memorable, encouraging them to make the most of the explosion of digital media and technology and successfully apply strategies that focus on Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital PR, Employee Advocacy Programs and Personal Branding.

Before creating Delightful in 2012, Mel spent 7 years as Digital Marketing Evangelist at Microsoft where he supported and educated customers through the Microsoft Advertising Blog, evangelizing through social media, writing and by speaking about digital marketing at conferences, trade shows & other events all over the world.

Mel has delivered speeches and seminars about Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding at conferences and events in the UK, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Toronto, Reykjavik, Dublin, Barcelona & Tenerife.

He has also lectured on MBA, MSc and online marketing courses, advising syllabus decision makers at Cranfield School of Management, Birkbeck College – part of London University and regularly speaks at student events at the University of Washington > Foster School of Business.

His words and wisdom have also appeared in a fantastic array of top publications such as The Financial Times, Fast Company, The Next Web, Forbes, GQ, Quartz, USA Today, PR Daily and

He also relishes his work as US Brand Ambassador for, evangelizing the largest publicly available link intelligence database & toolset on the planet to marketers and advertising professionals all over America. He recently spearheaded their mission to recreate the Internet in 3D on the International Space Station with the #MajesticInSpace Project.

With his first book – Pioneers of Digital – published in 2012, his new book – Introduction to Personal Branding is getting rave reviews on Amazon, Kindle, Audible and iTunes as well.

Before getting into digital marketing, Mel was an eternally-resting-actor and got his one and only break in a Joe Cocker Video alongside French cinema icon, Catherine Deneuve, way back in 1997!

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